Monday, August 21, 2017

Response to a Southern Cameroons Advocate over his Shortcomings as a Pseudo-Revolutionary

So, with all the diatribe coming from you even against those who make the system their number one enemy (the Cameroonian ruling political class and the puppet masters), you did not make a fuss about "La Republique" while you were home (if you had done so, it would have reflected your "supposed" vehemence against "La Republique" that has/had been expressed from abroad over the past months), only to return to the DIASPORA and start running your mouth again.

True revolutionaries lead from the front, my friend. Many are tempted to conclude that you are just like the many impostors, charlatans in the classic sense of the word, who ultimately make rackets out of causes that others risked or gave their lives for, believing them to be movements.

The union-nationalists gave you guys a free-hand to bring your cause to a logical conclusion. Alas, it is obvious you guys never thought things through, you guys never had a game plan, you guys merely usurped the agitation for change that had been whipped up to an advanced stage in the lands West of the River Mungo, an agitation that was supposed to stir a nation-wide or groundswell of popular resentment, protest and ultimately resistance against the anachronistic  French-imposed system rejected by the overwhelming majority of Cameroonians  of all linguistic entities, regions, ethnic groups of religion. You guys were even provided with subtle and at times overt guidelines on making this an all-embracing endeavor, but apparently, you were incapable of rising to the challenge---you were not revolutionary, or were incapable of becoming revolutionary.

Classic revolutionaries do not engage in senseless disorder that only serves to strengthen the enemies of the people---the anachronistic system (which is why some people think your group and the system make each other relevant, thereby giving more life to the moribund system and to yourself against the majority desire of Cameroonians to found the New Cameroon that reflects their century-old civic-nationalism otherwise called union-nationalism).

Do not take this as a condemnation, my brother. Anybody who was genuinely engaged in rejecting the system without harming his fellow citizens should not be condemned. But you should be judged, my friend, especially if you condemned those who did not subscribe to your narrow cause. And if the narrow reaches a point where it impedes the welfare of the people it was supposed to advance, it only makes sense for you to be open-minded enough to acknowledge your shortcomings and embrace those who never condemned you, those who acknowledged the fundamental aspects of your diagnostics of the Cameroon malady.

The system can be dismantled before the end of this decade, the "New Cameroon" that our forefathers fought and died for, the "New Cameroon" that our forefathers voted for in the 1961 plebiscite can finally be realized. But for that to happen, advocates for change would need to close their divided ranks. Advocates for change can realize that "New Cameroon" with different shades of ideas that fall within the all-embracing Cameroon Idea that fired the imaginations of our forefathers and helped them navigate the horrors of colonialism. The "New Cameroon" should be capable of accommodating differing opinions in so far as they contribute in making the country freer, more prosperous, more just, more accepting, more united and more humane.

All the best

Janvier Tchouteu

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Flag-Burning by Cameroonians who reject the French-imposed System, the Mafia/Police State in Cameroon

The flag-burners elicit a sigh, or at worst a word of disapproval but no rancor from me. Despite everything, the Cameroonian flag-burners are misdirecting their feelings of frustration, anger or disappointment with a government, a system or political establishment that is bleeding Cameroon, sapping it of its creative and dynamic energy and dragging it into an abyss that I don't even want to imagine.

It is natural that those with an unflinching love for Cameroon would be horrified by the flag-burning, but those with a heart and a head for Cameroon are expected to get over their shock and direct their horror instead at the factors that triggered the flag-burning, which is the French-imposed system, an evil political establishment led by those who inherited power or are the successors of those who inherited power  from France in 1960, people who played no role whatsoever---whether as moderates or radicals---in the great, patriotic and nationalist cause, in the century-old Cameroonian struggle to found the "New Cameroon", a heroic endeavor that culminated in the reunification of  British Southern Cameroons and the former French Cameroun, a historic feat realized by the patriotic votes of the people West of the River Mungo and the blood and sweat of die-hard Cameroonian patriots of the East of the River Mungo  who died in their hundreds of thousands for the independence and reunification cause.

The flag-burning is unacceptable all right, but whether we like it or not, it is an expression of the feelings of people who reject the police state that  France and the usurpers it put in power in Cameroon created in order to impose their rule, a police state that more than 95% of Cameroonians reject, a police state that decimated the leadership of Cameroon's patriotic forces, created a culture of fear and double-talk, triggered a brain-brain, suppressed our creativity and dynamism, sowed the seeds of indifference, and bred a culture of corruption, distrust, division, ignorance and incomprehension.

Today, this police state, this political establishment  of  the ruling CPDM party and Cameroon's so-called opposition---Fru Ndi's SDF, Bello Bouba's UNDP, Ndam Njoya's CDU etc (two faces of the same coin in a masquerade to sustain the French-imposed system) has been sustaining a kleptocracy, a mafia political establishment  that is the worst affront to any patriotic Cameroonian, as it pushes the Cameroonian people into acts that many consider irrational. 

Do I distrust the flag-burners less than the establishment, the kleptocrats and the puppets that are not only sucking Cameroon dry but have equally rendered it into the arms of forces that have nothing good in mind for Cameroon? 

Yes, I do.

The system can be dismantled before the end of the decade. All Cameroonians need are cooperation between the anti-system forces, an embracement and spread of the national idea, a relentless instillment of discipline within the ranks of the vanguards/advocates of change etc. etc...

We should have been able to identify the Enemies of the Cameroonian people by now.  They are not (a) particular tribe(s), ethic-group(s), religion(s), region(s) etc… They are minorities from our midst (family, friends, ethnic groups, regions, provinces, religions). And unless we reject and mentally prepare ourselves to confront them, we would never free our land (village, town, province, region, country etc)

Who precisely are these enemies of the Cameroonian people.  The 1994/1995 works “WHO THE ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE ARE AND HOW THEY ARE FIGHTING AGAINST CHANGE:”


provide an insight

All the best,

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Writer's Truth (from "The Girl on the Trail" by Janvier Chouteu-Chando

Writers are the most pathetic souls when it comes to expressing their personal feelings. Their personalities are as complex as the characters they have weaved. And in a curious way, without them really knowing it, writers are the sum total of the characters they created in their heads or in their writings. Yes, My Dear Tania; writers are capable of reflecting their characters, even though most of them are determined to be just like your ordinary guy next door.”

                                                               THE GIRL ON THE TRAIL


Writers and Women (from "The Girl on the Trail" by Janvier Chouteu-Chando"

Male writers who never find the stabilizing force of an understanding woman in their lives usually end up as the jaded figures of their days, the types who give much artistic expression to the world, but who are lonely in their overcrowded worlds of love."

                                              THE GIRL ON THE TRAIL