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Not to be mistaken with Ethnic Nationalism which stresses on a shared heritage based on a common language, a  common ethnic ancestry and often times a  common faith, where negative emotions for other peoples is even stronger than the positive emotions one has for the land and the people he or she identifies with; Union-nationalism is love for your diverse geo-political entity above love for yourself, your religion, your ethnicity and/or your region to the point where you feel you are betraying yourself and your country whenever you do something that hurts the interest and integrity of the land and its people. 

Kamerunism is that union-nationalistic love applied to the lands of the former German Kamerun that mirrors all the good intentions the people ever had for it.

For close to half a century, Cameroonians  were engaged in an advanced struggle of liberation that involved:

  • A  political cause  for reunification, independence, democracy, freedom, liberty, equality and development of the territories that resulted from the partition of the German colony of Kamerun following the defeat of Germany in World War One(British Cameroons and French Cameroun).
  • A militant cause that involved a  partisan war against the oppressive French military rule in the former French Cameroon and against the system the French put in place under their puppet Ahmadou Ahidjo when they granted the territory independence in 1960, a system that is being managed today by the Paul Biya regime and that the French political mafia in Africa (FrancAfrique mafia)  would like to see continuing for eternity. 

Believers in that noble cause for the founding of a New Cameroon have been called all sorts of names  (from bandits, to beheaders---cutting heads---, to maquisards with a negative connotation, to Biafrans, to enemies in the house etc, etc, etc) by their detractors.

But who are or were these believers to themselves in the complex arena that is Cameroon, in their quest to build a New Cameroon, in the crazy world of geo-politics where right becomes a wrong if it does not suit the interests of the powers that be?

They are/were Cameroonian  nationalists.  Some historians even call these supporters of the historic UPC, OK, KNDP and SDF of 1990-1997, radical nationalists. True, theirs was an unusual nationalism that involved bringing together a diverse people (linguistically, religious-wise, ethnic-wise and even racial-wise) for a vision to build a better society that would be a microcosm for the rest of Africa; theirs was an unusual nationalism that showed the way forward to other diverse communities, for other countries, for Africa and for the world at large.  Theirs was the nationalism of the future—an inclusive nationalism that even supersedes patriotism, a unifying form of socio-political solidarity that the world needs today.  The nationalism is a unique brand of Union-Nationalism or unity of nations.  Cameroonian union-nationalism or Kamerunism is the national ideal that seeks to harness the potentials of the people of the land and bestow the benefits to everyone who identifies with the historical Kamerun, Cameroons, Cameroun or Cameroon (1884-1911 and 1914-today)  in the process of nation-building irrespective of language, ethnicity, race, religion, region.

Now, what precisely is Cameroonian union-nationalism and who exactly are the union-nationalists or Kamerunists? The writings or excerpts below provide part of the answer to this all-encompassing ideal for humanity.

“…Cameroonian Union-Nationalism is the national ideal that would realize the New Cameroon. It is the ideal around which Africa shall realize its political union and economic integration…”

Adherents and supporters of the vision(s) of the historic UPC (1948-1970), the OK (One Kamerun), KNDP (Kamerun National Democratic Party) and the historic SDF(1990-1997), parties that were against the unrepresentative French-imposed system in Cameroon that exists against the wish of the people,  parties that were committed to the cause to bring down the system, realize democracy, devolve power and responsibilities ( call it two-state, ten-state or whatever number of federal units, I am okay with it), are union-nationalists. It is they who fought, died, campaigned and voted for the realization of Cameroon’s reunification and independence. It is they the system has reserved the harshest treatment against. These union-nationalists—Anglophone union-nationalists (English-speaking), Francophone union-nationalist (French-speaking) or bilingual union-nationalists— are the majority in Cameroon.

Arrayed against the union-nationalists are the Anglophone, Southern Cameroonian, Ambazonian, Anglophile, Francophobe, etc nationalists of West of the River Mungo; Also arrayed against  the union-nationalists of Cameroon are the Francophiles, Anglophobes,  UC, CNU, CPDM and other political parties including the morphed SDF that are the upholders of the  evil system, parties that sometimes put on the garb of Cameroonian nationalism,  when to them, it  is a means to an end. The nationalism of the afore-mentioned two groups or these later groups lack a union content—hence, they are not union-nationalists. They are pseudo-nationalists.

Yes, some of these pseudo-nationalists even have the audacity of calling themselves unionists or nationalists, even though they and their predecessors never campaigned for or fought for the reunification and independence of British Cameroons/French Cameroun whether as moderates or radicals, even though they are against the founding of "The New Cameroon", even though they are for maintaining the anachronistic French-imposed system, and even though they are still committed to colluding with foreign powers to deprive Cameroon and Cameroonians of their much-deserved freedom, liberty, prosperity and development.

The goals of both the English and French-speaking union-nationalists in the 1950s were to reunite the two territories and pursue the ultimate Cameroonian dream. The New Cameroon was envisaged to:
  • Build a genuine bilingual ethos.
  • Bridge the gap in the development of the English and French-speaking sectors.
  • Work for the evolution of a New Cameroonian people from the different breeds of thoughts and actions of its francophone and Anglophone children.
  • And create a democratic, liberal, free, progressive, united, strong and developed Kamerunian nation.

The ultimate goal of the union-nationalists is the economic union and political integration of Africa.

Union-nationalism is the most advanced form of patriotism you can find anywhere in Africa. We know patriotism is putting your love for your people first, for people who are usually of a particular ethnicity or nationality.  Union-nationalists are more psycho-socially advanced to the point where they embrace multi-ethnic groups as one, without having biases.

On the other hand, other forms of nationalism that union-nationalists reject involve hate of other people  or people other than one's people, which is hatred of others that do not conform to the group or ideology these rabid nationalists consider themselves to be a part of.


“The union-nationalists of Cameroon are pragmatic revolutionists, progressive reformers or radical evolutionists. These are men and women who grew up being what they are more as a confection of circumstance than of what was bestowed upon them by birth that gave them a social identity. These people greatly developed or did not suppress their human touch. Unlike most, they do not find it easy to live without the slightest spasm over the pains and suffering of their fellow compatriots. Unlike most, they have put their purposes far above personal considerations and even above their personal interest, an uncommon quality. By dwelling on their humanism, they consider the alleviation of the pains, turmoil and nightmares of their compatriots over the alleviation of their personal well-being. It is because of their all-embracing humanism and deep awareness of the Cameroonian reality that they accepted the fact that the demanding task of alleviation cannot be based on individuals who are so many and complex as separate entities. Cameroon’s union-nationalists are acutely aware of the fact that the task of alleviation should be for the entire Cameroonian people. They know that Cameroonians have been dishonored, oppressed and traumatized en-masse and not separately.”

In The CAUSE WE HAVE CHOSEN: the Union-nationalists of Cameroon are further described as:

“…the advanced and humanized Cameroonian patriots who accept the usage of revolutionary, reformative and/or evolutionary methods in the appropriate circumstances to achieve the best for the Cameroonian people. They feel so much for the wellbeing and future of the land and its people that they are prepared to engage in a prolonged struggle against the retrogressive system in the country than accept conciliation that would continue depriving the people of their freedom,  dignity, liberty and hope....

...A person who has Cameroon at heart; a person who grieves over its pathetic vulnerability, bondage, despondence and malady; a person who cannot afford to live in indifference; a person who cannot live without  thinking, scheming and working to  rid Cameroon of the suffocating bondage of  the French-imposed system,  should consider himself  or herself  a Union-nationalist. From revolution as a tool of change, the Union-nationalist accepts that those unworkable, repressive, servile, and anti-people ties, structures, institutions and concepts should be destroyed and new ones created to replace them.  The Union-nationalist also accepts the reformative path in situations where the demand is for the improvement or amelioration of existing structures, institutions, ties, concepts and more,  so that the wellbeing of the people would be enhanced to a state that is far better than their current situations. Also, by harnessing the evolutionary process of change, the Union-nationalist stretches pragmatism to the utmost by accepting the fact that change can also evolve in line with the pace of nature. If we bend our heads, cast aside our egoism and egotism and sincerely search for answers to the Cameroonian quagmire, we would observe with blinding clarity that the different aspects of Cameroon’s malady call for revolutionary, reformatory and evolutionary cures―depending on the extent of the malady pinpointed…”

The line of Cameroonian union-nationalism has been clearly articulated since 1988. This is the vision that the majority of Cameroonians on both sides of the River Mungo believe in. This is the vision they share. This is the vision that will save Cameroon from dying and that shall realize the century-old goal of a "New Cameroon"

Janvier Tchouteu                                       February 14, 2013



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Urbain Olanguena Awono (Former Minister)
• Account : n°13906001508500104357480 (Caisse Régionale du Sud Rhône, Alpes, Paris).
Balance on 23-02-2010 : 889.000.000 FCFA
Accumulated credit movements: 2.519.000.000 FCFA
Accumulated debit  movements : 1.663.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°0308203548G4 (Banque Régionale de Solidarité, Monaco)
Balance on 31-01-2010 : 111.166.077 FCFA
• Account n°0952007927000079 (BICEC-Cameroun)
Balance on 30-06-2007 : 1.412.529.345 FCFA
• Account n°121350030004943554880-52 (Caisse d’Epargne rue de) S/C Claude Kupisz
Balance on 12-01-2010 : 17.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°30003016900 (Société Générale, 2 rue des Aillettes 51500 Taissy Reims)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 8.530.000 FCFA
• Account n°10268-05604-00012355440-06 (Crédit Mutuel France) s/c Jean Paul Dauppher René 22 rue du Vall de Bliz 57200 Paris
Uspecified Balance
• Account n°136070003418619695440-67 (Banque Populaire France, 7 Rue de Barrière Côte d’Azur
Uspecified Balance
• Account n°40618802600004071030888 (Boursorama Banque) s/c Bernard Mariotto, 18 Quai du Pont du Jour 9269 Boulogne Billancourt
Uspecified Balance
• Account n°16607-00015-01519228832-59 (Banque Populaire des Pyrénées Orientales) s/c M. Gaillard Jean François
Uspecified Balance
• Account n°3000300252834712-69 (Société Générale) s/c Tolla Dominique
Uspecified Balance
Abah Abah Polycarpe (ex ministre)
• Account n°04676083646-54 (Caisse d’Epargne Aquitaine Poitou Charentes) S/C M. Cayron André Narcisse et Bragato Pierre
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 730.000 euros . That is to say 478.150.000 FCFA
• Account n°37331004629001 (Alpha Fund Banking of Djibouti) S/C Bodo Simon
Balance on 22-02-2010 : 310.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°39-0000515-001-1 (CITI Group Bank USA)
Balance on 15-01-2004 : 154.549.000 FCFA
Après retrait de 1.570.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°9222353429 (First National Bank)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 3.500.000 rands
. That is to say 283.500.000 FCFA
• Account n°1480180003800775400021 (Crédit Agricole Centre Loire) S/C M. Hervouin Claude, 7 rue de Cologne 18110
Balance on 17-03-2010 : 2.847.000 euros
. That is to say 1.864.785.000 FCFA
• Account n°158990897100028599994074 (Crédit Mutuel) S/C M. Lajard Michel
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 16.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°15459/3747300010435601-60 (Crédit Mutuel) S/C Jokiel Jean Pierre
Balance on 30-03-2010 : 164.150.000 FCFA
 • Account n°001003733-1004629-01J (Crédit Agricole Charentes Maritimes Deux Sèvres) S/C M. Stil Denis.
Balance on 31-03-2010 : 1.162.742 euros
. That is to say 761.596.010 FCFA
Balance on 05-07-2010 : 140.000 euros
. That is to say 91.700.000 FCFA
• Account N°21430052314701-S, 10 avenue de la libération (Crédit Agricole Charente Maritime)
Balance on 21-04-2010 : 8000 euros . That is to say 5.240.000 FCFA
• Account N°3000003224900 (Société Générale, 2 rue des ailettes 51500 taissy Rems)
Balance on 17-02-2010 : 142 000 euros
. That is to say 93.010.000 FCFA
• Account N°1480180003800775400022 (Crédit Agricole Centre Loire, 2ème)
Balance on 03-03-2010 : 1000 euros . That is to say 655.000 FCFA
• Account n°30180701S (CBC) S/C Mme Julienne Komnang et de M. Jean Luis Chapuise
Unspecified Balance(en date du 20 Juillet 2000 M. Abah Abah Polycarpe, then Director of Taxation ordered a major transfer of refund to TVA)
• Account n°30189701M (CBC) S-C Mme Julienne Komnang et de M. Jean luis Chapuise
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°2920040075 (First Trust And LeavingSaves) S/C Mme Medou Michel Fregisse
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°218749D72 (Crédit Lyonnais 46 avenue Gabriel Perry 93400 Saint Ouen)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°10297501-10 (Crédit Industriel et Commercial CIC 230 rue du Faubourg Saint Martin 75010 Paris) Mandataire, son épouse Mme Caroline Meva’a
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°11780343-13 (HSB 16/1 8eme avenue des Villard 75007 à Paris)
Unspecified Balance
Mme Abena Catherine (ex secrétaire d’Etat)
• Account n°K00941015021156006018 30 (ECOBANK Sénégal) sous prête nom Mveng Mve Zang Jean Joseph
Balance on 31-12-2008 : 96.000.000 FCFA
Un retrait de 80.000.000 FCFA was effected on the 1st of November 2009
• Account n°028324852-77-064 (NATIXIS Bank Paris) S/C Abena Nicolas
Balance on 28-02-2010 : 120.000 FCFA
After a withdrawal of   622.000.000 FCFA effectué le 23-02-2010
Mme Haman Adama née Alimatou Mahoundé (ex ministre)
• Account n°22221713-0628-94 (Crédit Agricole Rhône Pollens) S/C Mme Hamadjoda Sidiki
Balance on 10-03-2010 : 310.815.000 FCFA
• Account n°5354835802-64 (Société Générale, 78eme Paris Versailles)
Balance on 10-03-2010 : 830.000 FCFA
After a withdrawal of   235.000.000 FCFA.
• Account n°26032122806011 sous prête nom Miyouna Nashie Galina Staël
Balance d’ouverture le 20-09-2009 : 203.300.000 FCFA
Jean Marie Atangana Mebara (ex Ministre d’Etat)
• Account n°7200001696873-02 (BNP Paribas).
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 413.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°4738077813-FR18 (Union des Banques Suisses) S/C Carthage assistance
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 10.500.000 dollars US . That is to say 4.725.000.000 FCFA
Étogo Mbezele Luc Evariste
• Account n°179060003204228839015-31 (Crédit Agricole de L’Anjou et du Marnes)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 521.000.000 FCFA
Dieudonné Nguema Ondo
• Account n°03219091810-37 (Banque Populaire VAL de France) S/C Hervé Gauca
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 412.000.000 FCFA
Jean Ndjem (Communauté Urbaine de Douala)
• Account n°30005318137-28 (Société Générale Paris)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 830.000 euros . That is to say 543.650.000 FCFA
Ngo Yogo Linette
• Account n°340133091909-19 (UBC I Tunisie)
Balance on 15-02-2010 : 748.000.000 FCFA
Lamine Mbassa (Communauté Urbaine de Douala)
• Account n°154890485400024693940-70 (Crédit Mutuel) S/C Makary Bernard 7 rue du Morin 61440 Messei France
Balance on 31-01-2010 : 18.000 euros . That is to say 11.790.000 FCFA
Jean Bessala Nsama
• Account n°3000401131003201-96 (BNP Paribas CROS DE CAGNES LOUVIER France) S/C Yves Maubuchon
Balance on 31-01-2010 : 740.000 euros . That is to say 484.700.000 FCFA
Jérôme Mendouga (ex Ambassadeur aux USA)
• Account n°18134413-09 (CITI Group Bank New York)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 2.213.413 dollars US . That is to say 996.035.850 FCFA
• Account n°171713412-TWTB78 (World Trade Bank USA)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 324.999 dollars US . That is to say 146.249.550 FCFA
Ntongo Onguene (ex DG de société)
• Account n°FR2221232816-FR06 S/C Mme Medouane Brigitte
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 228.710.000 FCFA
Nguini Effa Jean-Baptiste (ex DG Société d’Etat)
• Account n°7610107003690003169651-395 (Banque BRED Caen Saint Etienne) S/C Gresne Claude Marcel François
Balance on 20-09-2009 : 850.000 euros . That is to say 556.750.000 FCFA
• Account n°2220000129200400-75 (Banque BPATL PORNIC EUROP)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 4.530.649 euros . That is to say 2.967.575.095 FCFA
Engo Pierre Desiré (ex DG Société d’Etat et ex Ministre)
• Account n°22020204-01 (BICEG Libreville) S/C Ela Ondo Marquise
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 812.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°05050743120-7249250 (Société Générale, Agence Fontaine Guerrin, France) S/C Bertran José
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 410.000 euros . That is to say 268.550.000 FCFA
• Account n° 30819480276/68 (Banque BPATL Pornic Europe Guichet 0069)
Balance on 31-01-2010 : 466.000 euros . That is to say 305.230.000 FCFA
Edou Jean Louis (ex trésorier Payeur Général Douala)
• Account ouvert à CITI Bank New York NA-Fl-CEEMA 111 WALL STREET 19 FLOOR Zone1 10043 NewYork: CITI US33
Balance d’ouverture : 176.402.364 FCFA
• Account n°091731043-US-12 (Union des Banques Suisses)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 5.830.720 euros . That is to say 3.819.121.600 FCFA
Gilles Roger Belinga (ex DG Société d’Etat)
• Account n°0894927L029-89 (Banque Postale, France) S/C Mme Moradais Michelle, N1O Domaine des Magnances, Relles 13170 les Pennes Mirabeau, Centre Financier de Marseille
Balance on 20-01-2010 : 712.490.000 FCFA
• Account n°0177740S030-03 (BANQUE Postale, Centre Financier de Montpellier) S/C Sauvagnat Bernard, Lavilaubois 41 allée Eugène de la Croix, 77190 Domari les lis
Balance on 28-02-2010 : 839.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°36326500000-51 (Crédit Agricole) S/C Moutier Marie Odile 7ème Rue Traversière, 18000 Bourges Centre Loire
Balance on 20-01-2010 : 18.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°32000008-6913 (NATIXIS Banque Paris) S/C Mme Belinga, proviseur du lycée de Mimboman Cameroun.
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 820.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°2828210814 (Banque de Développement Local) S/C Effemba Ango Roger (étudiant)
Balance on mois de Mai 2010 : 78.000.006 FCFA
• Account N°0827413241-18 (LA CAIXA, Barcelone)
Balance on 30-06-2010 : 183.000.000 FCFA
• Unspecifid account to a local Bank of Development in Algeria.
Ondo Ndong Gerard Emmanuel (ex DG société d’Etat)
• Account n°155893353807039642540 (Crédit Mutuelle du Sud Ouest) S/C Mme Hude Marie Josette
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 3.718.000 euros . That is to say 2.435.290.000 FCFA
Ngamo Hamani Paul (ex DG Société d’Etat)
• Account n°17406254758-CHF13 (BNP Paribas) S/C Société Transit Transport Routier
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 58.000.000 euros . That is to say 37.990.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°7274217112204 (Banque Sahélo-Saharienne pour l’investissement et le commerce BSIC) S/C Beta Yene Antoine
Balance on the month of April 2010 : 643.000.000 FCFA
• Banque Sahélo-Saharienne pour l’investissement et le commerce (BSIC) :
Unspecified account number.
Zaccheus Forjindam (ex DG Société d’Etat)
• Account n°02990167409-20 (HSBC) S/C Dominique Serny Morat, 12 avenue de Pessiart 06100 Nice Grimaldi France
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 128.000 euros . That is to say 83.840.000 FCFA
• Account n°00541956401-82 (Code Banque 10107) S/C Stanislas Guillet 7B chemin des fleurs 97423 le Guillaume France
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 410.000 euros . That is to say 268.550.000 FCFA
• Account n°66163226000-15 (Code Banque 18306) S/C Henri Lecordier 14 passage Lienny 76280 Criquelot Lesnevales Paris
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 72.000 euros . That is to say 47.160.000 FCFA
• Account n°038412813-18-GR30 (INTESA San Paolo)
Balance on 16-12-2009 : 748.930.000 FCFA
• Account n°340154609 (SCALBERT Dupont Paris France)
Balance on 16-12-2009 : 12.091.641 euros . That is to say 7.920.024.855 FCFA
• Account n°124988018-5 (Caisse d’Epargne, rue de Mazenaud)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 843.000 FCFA
• Account n°1000300100050034293891 (Général Caisse Epargne and Financement a Hamsphild Grande Bretagne)
Uspecified Balance
• Account n°37170200011170130 TEG (National Financial Crédit)
Uspecified Balance
• Account n°95392660001-35 (BICEC Cameroun)
Uspecified Balance
• Accounts n°736568N49 (courant),
n°432616W24 (épargne),
n°960513C22 (épargne logement)
(Crédit Lyonnais agence de l’Ecole Militaire 68 avenue Bosquet 75007 Paris)
Unspecified Balance
lbrahim Toukour Ismaël (Affaire Trésorerie Générale de Douala)
• Account n°K009002238712-29 (ECOBANK Senegal)
Balance on 15-02-2010 : 188.000.000 FCFA
Mebe Ngo’o Edgar Alain (ministre délégué chargé de la Défense)
• Account N°1738744 (Citibank New York NA 111 Wallstreet), Balance on 30/05/2010 : 3,5 millions USD
• Account N°7777 13 (Royal Banic of Canada 180 Welington Street),
Balance on 30/05/2010 : 2 118 000 000 Fcfa
Yves Michel Fotso
• Account n°771318220-08-WWTBX69 (Wall Trade Bank New York).
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 2.118.813 dollars US . That is to say 1.387.822.515 FCFA
• Account n°42441318701-02 (CITI Group Bank New-York)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 847.000 euros . That is to say 381.150.000 FCFA
• Account n°43441318701-02 (CITI Group Bank New York)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 7.845.715.dollars. US . That is to say 5.138.943.325 FCFA
• Account n°7713FR181344 (Safety Group Bank of Georgia, Atlanta).
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 13.850.700 dollars . That is to say FCFA
• Account n°52545252-TW01 (Crédit Agricole SA Guinée Equatoriale)
Balance on 28-02-2010 : 1.142.813.000 FCFA
• Account n°30000025347-69 (Société Générale Paris 78 Avenue Biancourt).
Balance on 31-01-2010 : 742.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°317018842-13T69 (Wall Trade Bank NewYork)
Balance on 20-02-2010 : 1.810.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°3978771834-T69 (Wall Trade Bank New York)
Balance on 31-01-2010 : 7.000.000 euros . That is to say 4.585.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°78344720-25 (Scalbert Dupond Paris)
Balance on 20-02-2010 : 12.091.064 euros . That is to say 7.919.646920 FCFA
• Account n°473457909-S (Intesa San Paolo)
Balance on 31-12-2007 : 18.000.000 euros . That is to say 11.790.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°991 575849-54S (UBS SA Washington)
Balance on 31-12-2007: 813.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°6560923010-53 (Crédit Lyonnais) S/C Cabinet AVELIANCE CONSEILS
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 1.000.000 euros  . That is to say 655.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°172194052000700197310/23 (Crédit Maritime Atlantique) S/C Yves Michel Fotso; nominee : GGARREC Jacob; 5 Rue Docteur Albert Schwitzer 56100 l’Orient
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 450.000 euros . That is to say 294.750.000 FCFA
M. Yves Michel Fotso holds  12 foreign bank accounts whose provisional balance is
45.437.584.260 FCFA.
Inoni Ephraïm (ex Premier Ministre)
• Account n°2237780808-O1BWCLO7 (Boston City Bank)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 1.112.730.210 FCFA
• Account n°44091738513 (BCEAO)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 495.459 euros . That is to say 324.525.645 FCFA
Lekene Donfack (ex Ministre, député à l’assemblée)
• Account n°270000716-002-01 (CITI Group Bank USA)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 3.060.813 euros . That is to say 2.004.832.515 FCFA
Titti Pierre (Ministre)
• Account n°4381751218-9 (Banque de Gestion Privée Indo-Suez (BGPI)) 20 rue de la Baumé 75008 Paris V
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°30003-0112813798-4 (Société Générale)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n° 18709708-W42 (Crédit Lyonnais agence Champs-Elysées)
Unspecified Balance
Houli Zoua Abraham (SG Ministère)
• Account n°523633421287-01 (Société Générale) S/C M. Manepa Antoine
Balance on 31-12-2010 : 128.730.000 FCFA
Abessolo Martin
• Account n°74103644701-37 (BNP Paribas)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 1.830.000 euros . That is to say 1.198.650.000 FCFA
Etonde Ekotto Edouard (ex délégué du gouvernement)
• Account n°161068500801229362050-06 (Union Bancaire pour le Commerce et l’industrie) S/C Mamoudah Ka
Balance on 20-01-2010 après divers retraits : 18.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°30002004010000073862H21 (LCL Odette VENLE)
Balance on 20-04-2010 : 896.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°20035314001 (Crédit Agricole Charente Maritime) 10 avenue de la libération 17139, Domicile pières; prête-nom : Renverseau Christian
Balance on 20-02-2010 : 118.780.123 FCFA
• Account n°30002004010000073862H24 (LCL, 2ème Account)
Balance on 20-04-2010 : 210.000 euros . That is to say 137.550.000 FCFA
Siyam Siwe Alphonse (ex ministre)
• Accounts n°860283116, n°9960963863 (Natexis Banque Populaire 115 rue Montmartre 75002 Paris)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°134917000910/23 (Crédit Maritime Atlantique, 5 rue Docteur Albert Schwitzer)
Balance on 15-01-2010 : 847.000 euros . That is to say 554.785.000 FCFA
Meva’a Caroline epse Abah Abah
• Account n°10297604-89 (Crédit Industriel et Commercial CIC 230 rue du Faubourg Saint Martin 75010 Paris)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°9760492-10 (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken suède)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°4297794-8FR (Kaupthing Bank islande)
Balance non encore précise
• Account n°4218171717-102 (City Group USA)
Balance non encore précise
• Account n°3029215099-1 (Banque Canadienne Impériale de Commerce Ontarlo Canada)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°3428813709 (Arab Banking Corporation) S/C Bodo Claude
Balance on mois de Mai 2010 : 847.730.210 FCFA
• Account n°74813719 (Monte dei paschi de Sienne, Toscane ltalie).
Balance on 09-06-2010 : 813.000 000 euros . That is to say 532.815 000 000 FCFA
• Account n°441841 0730-71 (Unicredit Group, Italie) S/C MINKONGO Louis Thomas
Balance on 13-05-2010 : 17.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°17113201-1 (Unipol Banca, Italie) S/C NKOLO Christelle Aurélie
Balance on 24-05-2010 : 710.000 euros . That is to say 465.050.000 FCFA appartenant à M. Tjol Zacharie
• Account at the Arab Banking Corporation (Banque privée) in Algérie---unspecified
Gervais Mendo Zé (ex DG Société d’Etat et ex Ministre)
• Account n°03099441906-03 (Banque Populaire du Nord, France)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 1.810.000 euros . That is to say 1.185.550.000 FCFA
• Account n°1920840001-49 (BICECCameroun)
Balance on 31-12-2004 : 420.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°712928061F (CBC Cameroun)
Balance on 31-12-2005: 932.518.615 FCFA
• Account n°027482775300000 (Crédit Lyonnais)
Balance on 31-12-2005: 361.747.855 FCFA
• Account n°00633021501-06 (Afriland First Bank-Cameroun)
Balance on 31-12-2005 : 1.423.860.057 FCFA.
• Account n°100050000100078201051-77 (Afriland First Bank Cameroon)
Balance on 24-02-2010 : 1.813.743.000 FCFA
• Account n°0033059021 (Banque Régionale de Paris) sous prête-nom Borris Alain 20ème Rue Christophe Colomb, 49460 Montreuil Juihne
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°680357681064 (BNP,Paribas) sous prête-nom Gounard, 36 quai Monseigneur Prouvost, 49570 Mont Jean du Loire
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°680657681064 (BNP Paribas) sous prêt nom Liliane Vincent, 10ème rue Marcel Rivière
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°00031019341 (Banque CCM Paris) identité Code CMC1FR2A, 19 place des fêtes, 78320 la carrière
• Account n°30198201A, (CBC BANK)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°10008000303713063290104 (CBC BANK)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°8041026013000101 (Banque Nationale de Paris)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°37230198201-84 (CBC Bank)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°18713212-44 (Banque Laurentienne Québec)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n° 4222042019-1 (Banco de Credito Colombie)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°789121016-55 (Banque Otsar Ha-Hayal Israël)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°710222813-1 (Macary Bank Australie)
Patricia Enam Daisy (ex employée CRTV)
• Account n°0308203548G4 (Banque Régionale de Solidarité, Monaco)
Balance : 2.000.000 euros . That is to say 1.310.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°15749360500001036470137 (Crédit Mutuel CCM Escoublac) S/C Fremont George Noel Jules, 9 Chemin de la Vallée, 445.00 La Baule Escoublac France
Balance on 17-04-2009 : 341.667 euros . That is to say 223.791.885 FCFA
• Account n°0000483871204 (National Commercial Bank, Arabie Saoudite)
Balance : 6.000.000 euros . That is to say 3.930.000.000 FCFA
L’intéressé posséderait deux Accounts localisés l’un à Luxembourg and another in the  USA in the World Trade Banque of New York in the respective balances of
5.895.000.000 FCFA (9.000.000 euros) et de 4.585.000.000 FCFA (7.000.000 euros)
She also owns apartments in Paris, Monaco, Mans and in Versailles.
Mongori Elisabeth (ex employée CRTV)
• Account n°763000100064005245-024 (Banque Européenne d’Investissement)
Balance on 31-12009 : 172.000 euros . That is to say 112.660.000 FCFA
Bapes Bapes Louis (Ministre des Enseignements secondaires)
• Account n°3094276800245-9 (Société Générale Paris)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 728.000.000 FCFA
• Account n°14161 52218-1 (Shangai Commercial Bank Chine)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°0228132532 (Shinsei Bank Japon)
Joseph Edou (ex Dg)
• Accounts n° 3022252532 et n° 12827532 (NP PARIBAS 26 rue des Bourets 92150 Suresnes)
Unspecified Balance
• Account n°20041000012958572W020-95 (Banque Postale) S/C M. Belbes Jean Pierre, les Horizons 5 boulevard de l’IH 13340 le Raincy.
Unspecified Balance
Laurent Nkodo (ex Dg)
• Account n°1738246718-04FR (United Bank For Africa-Senegal) S/C Mohamadou Sidiki Aral
Balance on mois de Mai 2010 : 224.000.000 FCFA
• Account à United Bank of Africa non précisé (Sénégal)
Awah Awah
• Account n°3701238201-48 (BNP Paribas)
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 600.000 euros . That is to say 393.000.000 FCFA
Mendomo Edith Jeanese
• Account n°49001033604072-18 (Banque Régionale du Sud Rhones Paris)
Balance on 17-04-2008 : 341.730 euros . That is to say 223.833.150 FCFA
Manga Paul
• Account n°30040048800001335641-19 (BNP Paribas) S/C Mme Lincker Marie Louise
Balance on 30-03-2010 : 177.000.000 FCFA
Ivo Leke Tambo
• Account n°3924244-12 (CITIBANK, Sénégal)
Balance on 05-04-2010 : 433.000.000 FCFA
Meva Meboutou Michel (Ex ministre)
• Account n°4718182210 (Al Barid Bank, filiale bancaire des postes Maroc) S/C Minla’a Daniel
Balance on the month of May 2010 : 227.000.000 FCFA
• Account at Al Barik Bank (filiale bancaire des postes au Maroc) non précisé
Essama Zoh Gervais
• Account n°0087331060004806280752 (CIC EST) S/C M. Melier Christian.
Balance on 15-01-2010 : 612.000.000 FCFA
Mewoulou Oyono Epse Mballa Helene
• Account n°1170600027026905300196 (Crédit Agricole Charente Maritime Deux-Sèvres) S/C M. Stil Denis
Balance on 31-12-2009 : 612.000.000 FCFA