Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Madness of a Resumption of War in Ukraine

Calling a spade a spade, it is obvious NATO/USA and many in power in the West want a full scale war in Ukraine, creating a permanent scar between the Eastern Slavs, and more especially between Russian speakers and Ukrainian speaking Ukrainians. Europe does not need a major war and the Minsk Agreement is the best thing on the table.  Granting  a fair degree of self-rule to the part of Ukraine (Southern and Eastern) that objected to the overthrow of the person they voted to power (the thieving Viktor Yanukovych who was a think like his predecessors) in the freest and fairest election in Ukrainian history, a part that found itself subjected to  an unwanted war from those who carried out the coup, is a logical thing. Ukrainians do not hate each other. They just happened to be the people in Europe whose minds have been messed up by history more than any of the others. And this is the worst stage in the messing up of the minds of the people, especially with the use of the current political leadership that played a major role in making Ukraine the mess that it is today(corruption, oligarchy etc.) Poroshenko for one was involved in both past pro-Russian and pro-Western oligarchic governments.

Ukraine needs a consensus, one that respects the legitimate rights, concerns and aspirations of all the different socio-ethnic groups in the country. Unfortunately, implementing something like that which has worked in countries like South Africa would be against the interest of foreign powers.

Western/Central Ukraine cannot dominate Eastern/Southern Ukraine (i.e. Ukrainian speaking half of Ukraine cannot impose its blind will on the Russian speaking half and vice versa) and vice versa. One would think that the usurpers in Kiev would have realized that by now. I am beginning to think that Africans are the most forgiving group in the world, i.e., putting things behind them after slavery, colonialism, Apartheid and now neo-colonialism, and looking at future where things should be done for the sake of humanity.