Friday, September 5, 2014


No man is foolish as to desire war more than peace: for in peace sons bury their fathers, but in war, fathers bury their sons.

If you come across an error, rather than uprooting it or knocking it down, see if you can trim it patiently, allowing light to shine upon the nucleus of goodness and truth that usually is not missing even in erroneous opinions.
-Albino Luciani (Pope John Paul I)

The people’s hero does not only have to be someone who possesses the levers of power. It could be anyone who brings unity, prosperity, security, peace and a sense of worthiness to his or her people. The people often elevate such a figure to the status of a revered hero with the human touch if the figure imparts a sense of oneness on a multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-religious group, especially diverse peoples who have been fighting one another for years, generations or even centuries.
-Mathias N. Chando

No reformer is worthy of the name if he fails to be the ultimate pacesetter in his own reform drive.
-Christopher Nkwayep-Chando

An ethnically heterogeneous society without a unifying hero is bound to be torn apart by internal strife. Only someone who can bring about a working consensus between these diverse ethnicities, races and creeds is truly a hero. Such a person needs to be a true disciple of peace, prosperity, unity, solidarity and justice.
-Janvier T. Chando

There is no greater dividing force in this world than self-interest.
-Michael W. Chando

Realization is born from error.
-John T. Chando

We are truly human when we live for a purpose far above ourselves, even though most people prefer to identify with an entity for the sake of belonging, thereby subjecting themselves to the spirit of collective selfishness that is only found in groups.
-Kenneth N. Chando

There is no worse way to abuse a man’s patriotism than to estrange him from his homeland—be it his ancestral or adopted land.
-Julius K. Wakam

“Ubi bebe, ibi patria vera!” (Where it goes well with me, there is my true fatherland!)
-Samuel N. Fosimondi

 In the end, what matters is our faith in humanity.
-Winston Okole

Siberia is an immense, barren and boggy region with frozen rivers, marshy plains, rugged mountains and killing blizzards. It is good only as a hunting ground for fur.
-The report of a Cossack explorer to Czar Ivan V, 1684

The lord while flying over Siberia must have sneezed and dropped his most valuable pouch, thereby scattering all his treasures over this region.
-Eno Murmi, a Finno-Lettish geologist to Czar Alexander III, 1890

Other Soviet peoples have bashed Russians for being chauvinistic and overbearing. That was a mentality of the Czarist and Stalinist eras. Today, the other republics can see the mutual respect and understanding between Russians and the Turanian, Turkic and Mongolian peoples of Siberia.

Cossacks should never be considered as wholly Slavic, Turanian, Mongolian or Turkic. They are a distinct people of their own. They should be given the role of champions of unity for the diverse peoples of the Soviet Union. Their thriving harmony is glaring proof of the compatibility of one Soviet group to the other, which is something this country badly needs in order to stay together.