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Universities and Their Ranking in Africa

Rank University Country
1 University of Cape Town South Africa
2 University of South Africa South Africa
3 University of Pretoria South Africa
4 University of the Witwatersrand South Africa
5 Universiteit Stellenbosch South Africa
6 University of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa
7 University of Johannesburg South Africa
8 University of Nairobi Kenya
9 The American University in Cairo Egypt
10 University of the Western Cape South Africa
11 Rhodes University South Africa
12 Cairo University Egypt
13 North-West University South Africa
14 Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University South Africa
15 Universiteit van die Vrystaat South Africa
16 Universidade Eduardo Mondlane Mozambique
17 Makerere University Uganda
18 University of Ibadan Nigeria
19 Cape Peninsula University of Technology South Africa
20 Mansoura University Egypt
21 University of Ghana Ghana
22 Kenyatta University Kenya
23 Université de la Reunion Reunion
24 Université Cheikh Anta Diop Senegal
25 Egerton University Kenya
26 Moi University Kenya
27 Durban University of Technology South Africa
28 University of Dar es Salaam Tanzania
29 University of Lagos Nigeria
30 Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Ghana
31 The German University in Cairo Egypt
32 Ain Shams University Egypt
33 Tshwane University of Technology South Africa
34 University of Botswana Botswana
35 Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria
36 University of Khartoum Sudan
37 Université Mohammed V Morocco
38 Strathmore University Kenya
39 Addis Ababa University Ethiopia
40 Université Abou Bekr Belkaid Tlemcen Algeria
41 Al Akhawayn University Morocco
42 Namibia University of Science and Technology Namibia
43 Université des Frères Mentouri de Constantine 1 Algeria
44 Zagazig University Egypt
45 Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumediène Algeria
46 Ahmadu Bello University Nigeria
47 Université Kasdi Merbah de Ouargla Algeria
48 University of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
49 University of Fort Hare South Africa
50 Assiut University Egypt
51 Benha University Egypt
52 Alexandria University Egypt
53 University of Namibia Namibia
54 University of Ilorin Nigeria
55 Covenant University Nigeria
56 University of Nigeria Nigeria
57 Université Cadi Ayyad Morocco
58 Université Mohamed Khider de Biskra Algeria
59 Sudan University of Science and Technology Sudan
60 Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Kenya
61 Ndejje University Uganda
62 University of Mauritius Mauritius
63 The British University in Egypt Egypt
64 Central University of Technology South Africa
65 United States International University Kenya
66 Vaal University of Technology South Africa
67 Université Mouloud Maameri de Tizi Ouzou Algeria
68 University of Rwanda Rwanda
69 Université Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Morocco
70 Jimma University Ethiopia
71 University of Benin Nigeria
72 University of Zululand South Africa
73 Université Batna 1 Algeria
74 Université d'Alger 1 Algeria
75 Sokoine University of Agriculture Tanzania
76 University of Zambia Zambia
77 Université Ferhat Abbas de Sétif 1 Algeria
78 Helwan University Egypt
79 Université Abdelhamid Ibn Badis Mostaganem Algeria
80 Université Abderrahmane Mira de Béjaia Algeria
81 University of Abuja Nigeria
82 University of Port Harcourt Nigeria
83 Mzumbe University Tanzania
84 University of Swaziland Swaziland
85 Modern Sciences and Arts University Egypt
86 South Valley University Egypt
87 Federal University of Technology, Minna Nigeria
88 Jaamacada Kismaayo Somalia
89 Misr International University Egypt
90 University of Venda South Africa
91 Misr University for Science and Technology Egypt
92 Université Abdelmalek Essadi Morocco
93 Université Hassiba Ben Bouali de Chlef Algeria
94 Uganda Christian University Uganda
95 Université Ibnou Zohr Morocc
97 University of Limpopo South Africa
98 Université Djillali Liabès de Sidi-Bel-Abbès Algeria
99 Université Badji Mokhtar de Annaba Algeria
100 University of Malawi Malawi
101 Universidade Católica de Angola Angola
102 Université Gaston Berger Senegal
103 Tanta University Egypt
104 University of Cape Coast Ghana
105 Ashesi University College Ghana
106 Federal University of Technology, Owerri Nigeria
107 Université des Sciences et de la Technologie d'Oran Algeria
108 Université Ibn Tofail Morocco
109 Université de Lomé Togo
110 Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences Tanzania
111 Universidade Católica de Moçambique Mozambique
112 Université Ahmed Ben Bella d'Oran 1 Algeria
113 Université Mohamed Boudiaf de M'sila Algeria
114 University of Education, Winneba Ghana
115 University of Agriculture, Abeokuta Nigeria
116 Université Hassan II de Casablanca Morocco
117 Mount Kenya University Kenya
118 Africa University Zimbabwe
119 Kafrelsheikh University Egypt
121 National University of Science and Technology Zimbabwe
122 October 6 University Egypt
123 Université 20 Août 1955 de Skikda Algeria
124 Fayoum University Egypt
125 École Nationale Polytechnique Algeria
126 Minoufiya University Egypt
127 National University of Lesotho Lesotho
128 Nahda University Egypt
129 Mbarara University of Science and Technology Uganda
130 Université de Ouagadougou Burkina Faso
131 Université 8 Mai 1945 de Guelma Algeria
132 Al-Azhar University Egypt
133 Federal University, Oye-Ekiti Nigeria
134 Midlands State University Zimbabwe
135 Université Saad Dahlab de Blida 1 Algeria
136 Suez Canal University Egypt
137 Université Moulay Ismail Morocco
138 Minia University Egypt
139 Université de Sfax Tunisia
140 Pharos University in Alexandria Egypt
141 Mangosuthu University of Technology South Africa
142 Usmanu Danfodio University Nigeria
143 Université de la Manouba Tunisia
144 Université M'hamed Bouguerra de Boumerdes Algeria
145 Université d'Abomey-Calavi Benin
146 Université IBN Khaldoun Tiaret Algeria
147 Future University Egypt Egypt
148 The University of Dodoma Tanzania
149 Ghana Technology University College Ghana
150 Lagos State University Nigeria
151 Walter Sisulu University South Africa
152 Federal University of Technology, Akure Nigeria
153 Université d'Antananarivo Madagascar
154 The International University of Management Namibia
155 Université Chouaib Doukkali Morocco
156 Babcock University Nigeria
157 Bayero University Kano Nigeria
158 Université Hassan 1er Morocco
159 Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration Ghana
160 American University of Nigeria Nigeria
161 Universidade de Cabo Verde Cape Verde
162 École Nationale Supérieure en Informatique Algeria
163 Université Mohammed Premier Morocco
164 Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Nigeria
165 Mekelle University Ethiopia
166 Université Mohamed Seddik Ben Yahia de Jijel Algeria
167 Université Amar Telidji de Laghouat Algeria
168 Afe Babalola University Nigeria
169 Université Larbi Tebessi de Tébessa Algeria
170 African University College of Communication Ghana
171 Technical University of Kenya
193 International University of Africa Sudan
194 Nile University Egypt
195 Université de Nouakchott Mauritania
196 KCA University Kenya
197 Nnamdi Azikiwe University Nigeria
198 Kenya Methodist University Kenya
199 Damietta University Egypt
200 Université de Buéa Cameroon


Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Reflection of an African Legend on French Colonialism ( Excerpt of "Disciples of Fortune")

Nana Njike returned from Brazzaville and called his three sons over to his study in Nkongsamba that same night. He was slightly grumpy as he received them inside. He told them about the conference that he believed De Gaulle’s Free France convened to reassure themselves that they still had a firm grip over their colonies and territories in Africa while giving US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt the impression that France was in line with his call for the colonies to be granted self-rule.
     “Ah, Sons, we should be more ferocious in our demands if we want those reneging bastards who are directing French policy in Africa to take us seriously. It is as if I didn’t help them in recruiting fighters for the Free French Forces. Didn’t we commit our resources to facilitate their takeover of Central Africa from the supporters of the Vichy regime?”     
     “It was a matter of choice. The Vichy supporters in French Central Africa were Fascists for all I know,” Hans interjected.
     “I know, I know,” Nana Njike growled with pursed lips.
     “Standing up to or not backing down against De Gaulle and his gang wouldn’t be an easy fight, I must confess,” Paul said with a cough.
     “Remember these, Sons! Truth presented with tenderness enriches the soul of man and enhances humanity in the process. A Franco-Cameroonian relationship based on truth and nurtured with tenderness will be to the benefit not only of Kamerun and France but also of mankind as a whole.”
     “Truth is rarely a quality big powers cherish in an unbalanced relationship that they benefitting from,” Hans said.
     “Don’t expect to have it easy whenever you are trying to get what you deserve, especially with the French in control. When haven’t we had to wrench our basic rights and freedom from them?”
     “You know them better,” Hans said.
     “Now, I know what they do not want. My contacts in the British government informed me of President Roosevelt’s stance on the future and freedom of the colonies and trust territories in Africa, The Middle East, and Asia. The American president supports the granting of freedom to the colonies. He impressed that on De Gaulle and even got the general’s word that he would acquiesce to the demands of French colonial subjects. We don’t need to be marabous to understand that De Gaulle didn’t mean his words. I encouraged Kamerunians on both sides of the River Mungo to fight for the Free French Forces. I helped Jacques Philippe LeClerc in Douala when he started putting together the ragtag force that is now the best fighting machinery in the French Army, and what are we getting in return for our support and good intentions?”
     “I warned you about LeClerc’s claims of being a hundred percent spokesperson for De Gaulle. All he wanted was French Camerounian blood in aiding France in the fight against Hitler’s Germany,” Hans said.
     “I don’t regret our involvement in the war. I don’t object to Africans from the French colonies paying the heaviest human price fighting for France. Nazism is evil. Period! The world cannot afford to live with it. But we must not be made to pay for France’s loss of self-esteem or loss of sense of security.”
     “What are you talking about, Papa?” Philip asked.
     “I am talking about the psychology of it all. De Gaulle is trying to use the colonies to reassure himself that France is still great. It is like a husband who goes home and beats up his wife and children because he got knocked around and humiliated by other men outside of his home.”
     “Papa, I still don’t get it,” Philip repeated.
     “Do you know what René Pleven, the minister of the colonies wanted during the Brazzaville conference. He pledged new institutions that would not ensure the independence of our people. The new institutions he has in mind are ones that would work to carve out a new role for us in the French web. It is like moving us from the role of field slaves to kitchen slaves. He even added that we ‘are populations that France intends to lead, step by step, to a more complete personality, to political enfranchisement, but who would not be expected to know independence other than the independence of France.’”
     “Incredible!” Philip muttered.
     “Ah, Sons, he actually meant that we wouldn’t be given the rights to local legislatures. They wouldn’t even allow us to smell executive powers. Instead, they intend to allow us access to the legislature and executive of France, with our lips sealed whenever the legislative processes are going on there. It is tantamount to a mere extension of their assimilation policy intended to breed African leaders that would do their bidding and that are disconnected from their own people.”
     “As business men, I don’t think it is advisable for us to get directly involved in the present political wrangling,” Philip said all of a sudden.
     Nana Njike was dumbfounded for a moment, his eyes quizzical on his third son. Then he shook his head with a chortle. “You have been surprising me this past couple of months, Son!”
     “That’s how I feel,” Philip stuttered.