Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Human Price Paid by the Countries that Defeated Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy in World War Two

Following the high number of military deaths  suffered by the Soviet Union in the defeat of Nazism in Europe ( 92% of Allied Military Deaths and  65% of Allied and Axis deaths combined) that totaled 13.8 million of which 65% of these Soviets were from the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic that is today the Russian Federation, and the high number of Soviet civilians civilian deaths that totaled 12.2 million (accounting for more than 60% of the civilian deaths in Europe) half of which were from Russia; in view of the fact that there is growing revisionism in Europe where the enormous sacrifice made by the Soviet Union and Russia in particular in the defeat of Fascism and Nazism is being downplayed for geopolitical reasons through the rewriting of history, thereby giving the young populations of the West a twisted idea of what World War Two was all about; it is easy to understand why there is growing apprehension in Russia in regards to the growing encroachment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to the Russian Federation's doorsteps, especially as Russians and Russia still remember that all the disastrous military invasions of the territory in the past five hundred years came from Russia's western borders.


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