Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Flash of the Sun---Quotes

Flash of the Sun

"A nationalist will blindly follow his country to his death out of love for it. A patriot will stand up for  and even against his country to his death out of love for it."
                                               From Flash of the Sun

"It is not something we often find out; but most of the specially-gifted have a deep desire to be ordinary.”
                                               From  Flash of the Sun

"A yesterday missed can never be found even in a fine tomorrow."
                                               From  Flash of the Sun

"Only a fool would find happiness from an achievement that is detrimental to  those he loves."
                                               From Flash of the Sun

Geopolitics is a mighty joke that is not meant to be funny because unfortunately, it often results in the loss of life.” 
                                               From Flash of the Sun

It is an act of courage to change your mind and accept it in public."
                                               From Flash of the Sun

Monday, September 28, 2015

Immigrant Numbers in the USA and their Countries and Areas of origin

A country is included in the table if it exceeded 50,000 in either category.
Country of birthPopulation (2013)Immigrants (1986-2012)
 United States316,497,5313,132
Total foreign born41,347,94526,147,963
 El Salvador1,252,067676,776
 South Korea1,070,335609,321
 Dominican Republic991,046904,721
 United Kingdom695,489383,037
 Trinidad and Tobago232,026157,689
 Republic of Ireland128,350104,586
 Bosnia and Herzegovina112,240129,481
 South Africa95,19169,992
 Saudi Arabia88,894n/a
 Costa Rica78,65947,648
 Czech Republic64,35427,354
 Sri Lanka51,26851,675
Note: Counts of immigrants since 1986 for Russia includes "Soviet Union (former)", and for Czech Republic includes "Czechoslovakia (former)".

U.S. Census Bureau's 2010 and 2014 American Community Surveys (ACS)